New York Cooperative Liquid Assets Securities System


NYCLASS strives to offer high-quality professional management of public funds through the prudent selection of short-term investments designed to prioritize safety and provide for daily liquidity while generating competitive rates of return. NYCLASS is committed to maintaining a ‘AAA’ rated investment option with a focus on exceptional customer service.

“On behalf of the Governing Board and Public Trust Advisors, LLC, our Investment Advisor and Administrator, I am pleased to welcome you to the NYCLASS website! As always, we are committed to providing an exceptional investment experience that strives to provide safety, liquidity, and competitive earnings to all Participants. We believe that this website provides a convenient and transparent view into the NYCLASS investments that you know and trust.”

– Robert Wheeling, Chairman of the NYCLASS Governing Board

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Data unaudited. Performance results are shown net of all fees and expenses and reflect the reinvestment of dividends and other earnings. Many factors affect performance including changes in market conditions and interest rates and in response to other economic, political, or financial developments. Investment involves risk including the possible loss of principal. No assurance can be given that the performance objectives of a given strategy will be achieved. NYCLASS and NYCLASS Prime are rated ‘AAAm’ by S&P Global Ratings. A ‘AAAm’ rating by S&P Global Ratings is obtained after S&P evaluates a number of factors including credit quality, market price exposure, and management. Ratings are subject to change and do not remove credit risk. For more information on rating methodologies, visit Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Any financial and/or investment decision may incur losses.¬†For more information on historical yields and performance, please¬†click here.